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  3. jrealzy:

    A photo my cousin took of street art in Colombia.  Tight, right?

  4. ministry-of-art:

    Banksy, I dont believe in global warming

  5. cyanea:

    Isaac Cordal

    Last two months I’ve been working in a project called ‘Waiting for Climate Change’. It will be exhibited on the beach of De Panne as well as in a local historic villa once occupied by Chalutier. This is part of the Beaufort04 edition. For this project I made some ephemeral installations in different locations of the coast. ‘Waiting for climate change’ presents a few stereotypes of persons that confronting climate change in different ways. Some of them climbed to the top of a pole from where they look the horizon.

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  8. Melting World by Takeshi Kawano.

    Intense representation of the disappearing and melting environment by Takeshi Kawano. With these three sculptures he wants to point out the risk connected to the global warming.

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